Here we introduce some of our recent projects

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Increasing Efficiency with a Chatbot

A chatbot solution to help users quickly get important information

Digitising a Glass Business

We built a Self-Service Online Quotation Portal and a World Class Customer Serivce Solution

Creating a customer service platform with MessageBird

Automation of customer service flows using Messagebird's FlowBuilder

Next generation UI

Powering your users and your next generation UI from the same API

From hour tracking to invoicing

We automated the monthly invoicing cycle with streamlined data collection

Automating customer and partner acquisition

We helped scale memmo with an automated funnel into Salesforce, Pipedrive and

Building a fully flow driven customer experience

Using Messagebird we created a flow driven conversation experience for customers allowing them to upload videos and more

Leveraging the Google Maps API

We built an interactive map to show off everything a luxury resort has to offer